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Batman Hip Flask

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The Batman Hip Flask is ideal for those trying times where all you need is to retreat to your Batcave for a very strong drink.
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We all have secrets. For some, that secret is a secret double life where you are a multi-billionaire by day and a crime fighting vigilante superhero by night. For others, the secret is that you’re quite partial to a nice stiff drink, so much so that you like to carry some of this healing potion around with you. The Batman Hip Flask is suitable for both types of people who are walking around with a dark secret.

The Batman Hip Flask is an officially licensed product. That means its great quality and something DC comics don’t mind you having. It’s attractive to look at and designed in a matt black colour with a very subtle Batman logo.

The subtle logo means that if you take a sip from the Batman Hip Flask in the street, you won’t be giving away the secret that you are a superhero by night, and therefore won’t attract any unnecessary attention from the local bad guys.

The Batman Hip Flask is great for any fans of the DC Comics superhero Batman who are over eighteen. 

  • Keep your secrets a secret with this subtle hip flask
  • Officially licensed by DC Comics
  • The perfect sophisticate drinking accessory for your Batcave
  • Sleek black design with Batman logo
  • The perfect gift for Batman fans (over eighteen)

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 2.5 cm 
  • Capacity: 170 ml
  • Note: Please drink responsibly

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