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Animal Family Scales

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Put things into perspective with these fun Animal Family Scales.Curious about how you compare with animals? Trust us, no matter how naughty you’ve been, you’re nowhere near the size of a whale...
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The great apes might be our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, but did you know that one chimp weighs up to 70 kilos? And a full grown gorilla can be a whopping 275 kilos? That’s as much as a small family! Animal Family Scales reveal fun animal trivia about the sizes of our furred and feathered friends every time you step on.

These scales will help you approach your weight management with a different mindset. Adults who are keeping track of their weight will enjoy a change from abstract numbers, and kids will love seeing how they compare with wild and exotic beasts! They’ll soon be weighing their toys and belongings, as well.

Although they display weight in kilos like traditional bathroom scales, Animal Family Scales make a cute change from the usual. Not only is the graphic design fresh and modern, but they help make weight loss goals feel more tangible. And they’re a great aid to introducing children to the maths of weights and measures. These white scales are a fun approach to the weekly weigh-in.

  • Show animals that correspond in weight to the kilos
  • Stylised graphics for design lovers
  • Help kids understand relative weights
  • Add fun tangibility to weight goals
  • Bright red on white colours cheer up any bathroom

Detailed Information

  • Scales show weight by number of kilos as well as in comparative animals