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Pineapple Pal

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Enjoy the deliciously sweet taste of an exotic pineapple - without all that faffing around trying to cut it up! Let the Pineapple Pal do all the hard work for you instead!

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  • 30 day return policy
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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


There’s nothing like the juicy, sweet flesh of a yummy pineapple in summer - but we’ve all been put off buying them before because of the hours of sawing and hacking away we know awaits before we get to the tasting part! No longer will you fear the pineapple when you’ve got this magical Pineapple Pal in hand! This innovative kitchen gadget will peel and core your pineapple as well as slicing it into handy spirals ready for eating or further easy cutting for any dish.

Cheese and pineapple sticks? Pineapple salads? Pineapple cocktails? Pineapple pasta?! You can indulge any pineapple whim you have once you’ve got your Pineapple Pal on the go - you may even get fed up of pineapple after a while (if that’s even possible!).

The perfect present to treat yourself for some upcoming summer pineapple indulgence, or offer as a gift to one of your equally pineapple addicted buddies for birthdays, BBQs or housewarming celebrations!

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