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Aerobie Pro Frisbee

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The Aerobie Pro Frisbee is not just any frisbee. This nifty little gadget will astound you with how far it flies - your trips to the park will never be the same again! 
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The Aerobie Pro Frisbee might not seem too revolutionary from the first glance - but let us assure you this nifty little gadget is more than just a pretty face.

With a sleek and contemporary design - this frisbee certainly looks cooler than your stereotypical frisbee. The Aerobie Pro is super light, super smooth and flies super far. What was once a simple game of frisbee has now been taken to a whole new level - trust us.

With record distances of 403,30m recorded - this little guy is designed for speed and distance. Test your dog's retrieving capabilities with this cool gift. The ideal accompaniment for a day at the park, a family BBQ or a relaxed holiday, this frisbee will have you running around for hours, providing simply endless game opportunities!

It brings sport and fun together in one simple ring product, and is really easy to handle - even for frisbee newbies! An ideal accessory for those young or old, and a fun family toy that will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

  • Perfect gift for sporty friends
  • Great to take to the beach or park
  • Test your dog's retrieving capabilities
  • Modern aerodynamic design

Detailed Information

  • Cool, fun and colourful frisbee
  • Diameter: 32cm
  • The colour choice is completely random