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3-5 Day Fast-Track DJ Course | Liverpool

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Learn not only how to DJ but how to become a bonafide crowd-pleaser, benefitting from your personal coach's years of professional DJing experience over 3 to 5 days!
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The top dogs make it look easy but learning to DJ can be a tricky, fiddly business. With private coaching from a professional DJ, you can learn quickly and effectively, rapidly mastering the fundamentals or building a repertoire of new tricks! Whether you're planning to make a career of it or just want to impress your mates, here's how to take your DJing to the next level!

The course is entirely customisable, structured around your personal schedule, tailored to your current skills and learning goals, and taking into account your personal coach's expert analysis of your technique. Beginners will benefit from the easy three-step approach to covering all the essentials, while those with the basics all sewn up can learn more advanced tricks, from cutting and scratching to winning crowd-pleasing DJ battles!

You can learn at a professional studio near you or else your coach can come to you and your home set-up. All you need is an ability to follow instructions and the patience to practice and you'll be DJing to a club standard in a matter of days!

  • Use professional DJ equipment or your own home set-up
  • Enjoy one-on-one coaching from an experienced DJ
  • Learn the creative and technical aspects of DJing, as well as practical career and safety tips
  • Choose which skills you want to work on
  • Create your own schedule

Detailed Information

  • Each session lasts approximately five hours a day
  • Courses are 3-5 days depending on location and tutor
  • 48 hours notice must be given for session cancellations
  • There is a limit of one session cancellation allowed
  • No experience necessary
  • Dates and times subject to availability on booking

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