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3 Day Fast-Track DJ Course | Bristol

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Spin your music-making hobby into a career with this excellent Fast-Track DJ Course in Bristol.Learn how to control your flow like a pro no matter how new you are to the game!
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Make your dream of a DJing career come true with this awesome 3-5 Day Fast-Track DJ Course. Whether you want to get your local club grooving to your tasty sets or you want a chance to battle with the big kids internationally, this in-depth DJ course can help you direct your talents down the path of your choice. Learn how to work the crowd, manage the mic and get things bumping with confidence. And with total flexibility, this comprehensive DJ course can be scheduled around your other commitments. Have an intense few days on the trot with a steely focus on learning. Or give yourself a breather between sessions to let the lessons sink in and for practice.

With an extremely active but intimate club scene, Bristol has loads of opportunities for new DJs to try their sound on an audience. Don’t be surprised if the first rush of getting a groove going gets to your head! With the skills and self-assuredness you’ll learn on this fantastic DJ course, you’ll quickly have a crowd feeling your vibe!

  • Flexibly schedule 3-5 lessons around your other commitments
  • Have the full attention of your trainer for 5 hours per session
  • Learn how to mix like a professional DJ before you’ve finished
  • Focus on the music and techniques that interest you most
  • Master the confidence needed to play to an audience

Detailed Information

  • No previous experience required
  • Courses last 3-5 days depending on venue and tutor

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