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1-on-1 Day DJ Training | Newport

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There's no use leaving the dancefloor wanting more if you don't have more for them to want! After this personal training session with a professional DJ, your turntable skills will be better and more numerous than ever before!
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Aimed at DJs with prior knowledge and experience, this one-on-one training session with a professional DJ will add finesse to your existing skills and help you build a repertoire of exciting new ones! In just 4 hours of expert coaching you'll be closer than ever to mastering all the demands of the dancefloor!

Whether returning to the turntables after time away, aiming to score some more ambitious gigs, or simply keen to impress your mates, your personal DJing coach can help you succeed at all your learning goals. Choose from the entire gamut of techniques, from advanced mixing skills like deck juggling, mash-ups and EQ/FX drops, to coming out tops in competitive DJ battles with top-notch scratching, crabbing and cutting. You can even enhance your showmanship by learning incorporate MCing or combine digital and analogue elements!

It's completely up to you what and how much you learn over the course of your one-on-one masterclass. And with so many extra tricks and techniques up your sleeve, you'll soon be leaving every packed dancefloor crying out for more!

  • Use professional DJ equipment at our London studio or your own home set-up
  • Enjoy one-on-one coaching from an experienced DJ
  • Learn the creative and technical aspects of DJing, as well as practical career and safety tips
  • Choose which skills you want to work on

Detailed Information

  • Previous experience recommended
  • Gift voucher valid for one person
  • A one-day session lasts four hours
  • Dates and times subject to availability on booking

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