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1-on-1 Day DJ Training | Birmingham

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Forget slogging away by yourself in your bedroom, trying to learn the tricks of the DJ trade. Calvin Harris won’t have anything on you once you’ve experienced this 1-on-1 Day DJ Training!

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  • Choose E-Voucher or Gift Box
  • Valid for 12 months
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Who wouldn’t want to live the glamorous lifestyle of the internationally-renowned DJ who gets every party started and is the star of every party? Next stop Ibiza, am I right?! So you’ve gone and got yourself some cool equipment and it’s looking real fancy in your bedroom but what now? You could slog away trying to work out what all those hundreds of dials do through watching a few grainy videos online….or you could fast track your learning with this awesome day of private DJ tuition!

Even if you’ve been working at it for a while and feel you’re getting a good handle on things, you’ll be able to really take your DJ skills to the next level after some one-to-one time with an industry expert. Your pro tutor will be able to help you with anything from mastering a certain software to giving your beats that extra edge by using certain effects - the beauty of a personalised tuition day is that you’re in the driving seat!

So do your DJ dreams justice and inject some pro mixing magic into your sound thanks to this incredible opportunity.

  • One-to-one DJ training
  • A day of intensive learning
  • Focus on any aspect you want to
  • Explore new techniques or master the basics
  • Get pro advice and tips

Detailed Information

  • Gift voucher valid for one person
  • 1-day in Birmingham or from the comfort of your own home
  • Intensive learning focused on anything of your choice

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