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  1. Intro to Sushi Making Class | London

    Intro to Sushi Making Class | London

    Learn the art of Sushi Making in this fantastic London introductory lesson to the world of this fine Japanese cuisine. Come away knowing how to prepare the various types, make the perfect rice & present your sushi like a pro from an expert chef!
  2. Intro to Sushi Making Class | Birmingham

    Intro to Sushi Making Class | Birmingham

    Enjoy an Introductory Sushi Making Class in Birmingham & you'll go home well on the way to becoming an expert in the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine.  Practice how to cut, prepare, cook & present amazing Sushi while taking away a Bento box full of your own creations! 
  3. Intro to Sushi Making Class | Bristol

    Intro to Sushi Making Class | Bristol

    Get ready to learn how to be able to make the most incredible sushi in this amazing Into to Sushi Making class in Bristol! So whether it’s steaming the perfect rice or cutting like a professional, you’ll come out of the class knowing exactly what it takes to make your sushi dinner party better than anything else before it!
  4. Intro to Sushi Making Class | Cardiff

    Intro to Sushi Making Class | Cardiff

    Learn how to create the yummiest sushi you could ever imagine in this amazing Intro to Sushi Making Class in the Welsh capital of Cardiff! A professional sushi chef will teach you everything you need to set you on your way to becoming a sushi expert!
  5. Intro to Sushi Making Class | Glasgow

    Intro to Sushi Making Class | Glasgow

    Scottish sushi lovers can rejoice at this Introduction to Sushi Making Class in Glasgow! You’ll learn all the tricks of the trade from a top sushi chef, then will go home being able to cut, prep & display like a professional in order to turn your kitchen into one of the best places for sushi in town!  
  6. Intro to Sushi Making Class | Manchester

    Intro to Sushi Making Class | Manchester

    Make your kitchen at home a place where everyone wants to visit, by attending this Intro to Sushi Making Class & turning you into a sushi expert! This Manchester course will have you chopping like never before & give you a great insight into this fabulous cuisine. 
  7. Sushi Making Masterclass | London

    Sushi Making Masterclass | London

    Become an expert in Sushi in no time with this Sushi Making Masterclass in London!  Learn all aspects of this fine Japanese art of cooking from a top Sushi chef. So whether it's chopping, steaming, prepping or presenting, there'll be nothing you cannot do when you get home afterwards! 
  8. Sushi Making Masterclass | Birmingham

    Sushi Making Masterclass | Birmingham

    Let a top Sushi chef provide a Sushi Making Masterclass in Birmingham to turn you into a wonder boy or girl in this amazing Japanese art of cooking! Master how to steam rice & cut fish perfectly every time, prep tasty veg & how to present your skills professionally to the world - or at least at your next dinner party!
  9. Sushi Making Masterclass | Bristol

    Sushi Making Masterclass | Bristol

    Great sushi is only a lesson away in this professionally led Sushi Making Masterclass in the city of Bristol! You’ll be taught how to chop, slice, steam & present top quality sushi, with an expert providing you with the skills & knowhow to leave you being the master of the sushi kitchen next time you want to make amazing Japanese cuisine.
  10. Sushi Making Masterclass | Cambridge

    Sushi Making Masterclass | Cambridge

    Amaze your friends & family forever by mastering the art of this amazing Japanese cuisine in a Sushi Making Masterclass in Cambridge! You’ll finish the lesson having learnt from a professional how to chop, steam & display incredible sushi each & every time.
  11. Sushi Making Masterclass | Cardiff

    Sushi Making Masterclass | Cardiff

    Be taught by the best & you will be better than the rest! A Sushi Making Masterclass in Cardiff will give you the technique & knowledge of an expert to go home & create the most amazing sushi you can imagine! Your dinner parties are going to become legendary!
  12. Sushi Making Masterclass | Glasgow

    Sushi Making Masterclass | Glasgow

    Turn yourself into a sushi-making expert & your kitchen will soon become the hottest place in town! Learn the complete art of the Japanese cuisine we all love in this brilliant Sushi Making Masterclass in Glasgow! Your friends & family will simply marvel at your chopping ability, presentation skills & sushi knowledge! 
  13. Sushi Making Masterclass | Manchester

    Sushi Making Masterclass | Manchester

    By mastering the art of sushi you’ll wonder why you never did so before, with this Sushi Making Masterclass in Manchester giving you the perfect opportunity to do just that! This lesson from a top sushi chef will leave you with all the vital skills you need!
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